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Celebrity is like its owner. Strong, uncompromising, loving life. It's the best choice for women who search for originality in the premium brand. The world-class level of the brand has been achieved by combining love for beauty with exclusive materials and careful and meticulous craftsmanship. The brand has been created by a charismatic girl who started her adventure with high fashion by combining her own, modern footwear manufacturing plant with a brand featuring her attitude towards life, the world and the world of fashion and creation. The company has gradually become the symbol of change, independence and courage of the owner who is the designer of the brand.

Celebrity is a place in which we will find both classic and more wild forms that speak for themselves. All this comes with maintaining strict quality standards for premium class products. Shoes, bags and accessories are made of Polish and Italian components and are manufactured in traditional, family-owned manufacturing plants both in Poland and Italy. Under the watchful eye of the Celebrity team.

Celebrity stands for steadily growing internet sales and luxurious boutiques whose interior design constitutes an impressive background for the products.

Celebrity cooperates with Polish top fashion brands, designing footwear dedicated for their collections and at the same time maintaining its own identity and the brand's DNA. Apart from seasonal collections, capsule and limited edition collections are created. They all have their own stories and speak about the designer's feelings, as well as people and moments in her life.

Celebrity is a brand for women who celebrate life. Unique and special. From this comes the brand's name and motto: 'world is my shoes'.

The owner gathered around her a team of trusted people who are committed to developing the company, creating a place in which people fulfil their passions for achieving a collective goal. The team works both in Poland and Italy, making sure each production stage is supervised.





Currently two capsule collections are being prepared. Both substantially different from each other and from the previous ones. There are also models from the Basic collection, classical stilettos and boots that are available all the time. They meet the needs of the most demanding clients and always follow the latest trends.