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anteprima f/w '21

anteprima f/w '21

| evo | ...process of evolution that has given rise to diversity in every single level. 

this is individualism... 

| evo | the clothes capsule opens the brand NEW chapter in CELEBRITY. 

This is the ANTEPRIMA of the F/W 21 collection.


All designs were created with the brand identity and DNA preserved. 

The passion for the 80’s & 90’s and the visible inspiration of that period is very clear  in the projects.

Styles are very personal designed by Monika Teresa. 


The first fall models of the 'evo capsule are monochromatic shades & made of natural and noble fabrics like cotton, linen or viscose. The form of several styles of jeans, t-shirts, oversized checked shirts and casual sweatpants sets are supplemented with strong looking bad/ass shoes and accessories.

The designs contain a very discreet& minimalistic branding - the brand logo and the name of the capsule are placed in the inner parts of the clothes in the form of ecological prints or patches. Outside only the cut, shape  and natural fabrics matters. 

Anteprima precedes the CELEBRITY collection in which we find silhouettes that treat the concept of trousers, shirts and jackets with great ease.

foto;  Agata Serge

model; Zuzanna Kaczmarek

stylist; Bogna Stępa

make-up; Anna Sokołowska



Autumn/Winter 2020/21

Autumn/Winter 2020/21

F/W 2020 unconditionalOVE


fot. Agata Serge



#girlfromforest capsule
S/S2020 by Celebrity is an ethereal collection inspired by the magical spirit of spring. Scents, blooming flowers and the noice of the wind. 
Emotional way in seeing the forest...
A fusion of fashion&analog photography. A combination of romantic and minimalistic, artistic photography by_kashu  with simple, ascetic constructions. Raw and modern forms have become an excellent background for monochrome&sensual photographs.
Frames of photos with motifs of treesa&flowers as the interpretation of Celebrity designer.
"Fragrant summer"heels, floral decolte, white&black boots and hand-woven  boots&slip-on styles.
Sneakers with graphic patterns made on perfumed flexible soles are combined with shoppers&bags with the same motif of tree branches.
The collection is dominated by suede and nappa leather.
Celebrity proposal for S/S2020 is a full range of models
from highheels, through boots to casual sneakers and accessories.
#girlfromforest capsule is available in Celebrity boutiques in Poland & official Celebrity boutique online
magic&beautiful photos- inspiration for the collection You can find online in Kashu gallery
photo by_kashu
Autumn/Winter 2015/16

Autumn/Winter 2015/16

The autumn and winter season is the time of reflection. The Selfconfident Collection is the effect of the experiences and emotions which accompanied the creating of the Celebrity brand. In spite of difficulties and lack of acceptance, the power of dream, dedication and great passion won. The Selfconfident Collection is dedicated to women who defeated adversities and their own weaknesses, and chose themselves, winning their dreams.
Spring/Summer 2016

Spring/Summer 2016

A fusion of colours and sensuous shapes. BOHO deluxe and sport chic... The Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is an answer to bold women's fantasies. Stilettos, platforms, intensive colours and delicate pastels. Velvet fabrics and suede leather. Soft nappa leather and patent leather enriched with modern 3d structures. A rich variety of forms, textures and colours... The Spring/Summer 2016 Collection by Celebrity is like a breath of summer and a fresh touch of the new season.
Autumn/Winter 2016/17

Autumn/Winter 2016/17

The autumn/winter 2016/17 collection consists of three separate capsules which create balance between a modern interpretation of classics, elements of retro style and strong rock accents from the 80's. Noble suede leather, luxurious press studs, and structured leather. Colours of sunsets, shades of burgundy wine in contrast to colours inspired by rock concerts. Subtle stilettos, delicate toes and stable block heels in opposition to massive, heavy-looking soles. The capsules: APERITIV, NIGHT and MAKE LOVE NO WAR – tempting, seductive and inspiring...
Spring/Summer 2017

Spring/Summer 2017

Lose yourself in the atmosphere of beautiful colours, unique structures and non-trivial forms. Gold, platinum, silver and white accompanied by shiny stones and warm colours of the earth. Noble fabrics, fanciful prints and patterns. Subtle, delicate and very feminine forms in opposition to platforms and massive block heels. Strong, metallised accents combined with leathers with visible structure and futuristic character will bring out the soul of a young rebel and feminist in you. These models will make you feel like a real "Bad Girl". Unique and produced in limited quantities, the models from the LIMITED EDITION capsule will emphasise the luxurious and exceptional character of your look.

Fall/Winter 2017/18

Fall/Winter 2017/18

Collection is dedicated to a true woman. The woman who fights and makes choices. Heart versus mind, truth/falsity, wings/reality, faith/doubt... two colours are the key. True emotions. The #TRUEEMOTIONSONLY Collection is a return to the brand's DNA. Cosmos, matrix, power dressing in a very feminine and at the same time feminist interpretation. Black colour, shiny leathers and shimmering fabrics based on bold, cubist constructions. This is a proposal for the most daring fashion lovers. Silver metallised and nickel accessories, as well as stardust fabrics add a cosmic touch to the Collection. Classic structures inspired by a strong men's wardrobe are broken by sublime and feminine tones. Natural furs in juicy and vibrating colours combined with delicate suede leathers are a proposal for the fans of elegance in modern and fresh edition

Fall/Winter 2018/19

Fall/Winter 2018/19

The Ricochet Capsule

The woman wearing Celebrity footwear inspires admiration. What is striking, is her self-confidence.
She is perceived as a "person made of titanium whom no bullets can reach..."
The Ricochet Collection combines the colours of the night, massive ornaments and uncommon forms. The essence is the line that emphasises female beauty. Strongly cut uppers and sky-high heels draw and determine a straight and proud posture, accentuating the line of calves, buttocks and arms. Loose tube boots add a touch of nonchalance to the figure. Heavy-looking boots and ankle boots with rich ornaments bring out the military character of the collection, revealing a "female warrior". Colourful and velvety satin breaks the heavy character of the collection, adding a subtle and delicate touch to it.
The scenery of the session is the fusion of romanticism and decadence. An abandoned holiday home which was pulled down a few days after the session. The building with its shabby windows and a devastated balcony with a view to the open sea reflects the true spirit of the capsule in an unpretentious way.

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• The fall/winter 2018 collection is available in 5 stationary boutiques and our online store: