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| evo | ...process of evolution that has given rise to diversity in every single level. this is individualism... 

| evo | the clothes capsule opens the brand NEW chapter in CELEBRITY. This is the ANTEPRIMA of the F/W 21 collection. All designs were created with the brand identity and DNA preserved. The passion for the 80’s & 90’s and the visible inspiration of that period is very clear  in the projects. Styles are very personal designed by Monika Teresa. The first fall models of the 'evo capsule are monochromatic shades & made of natural and noble fabrics like cotton, linen or viscose. The form of several styles of jeans, t-shirts, oversized checked shirts and casual sweatpants sets are supplemented with strong looking bad/ass shoes and accessories. The designs contain a very discreet& minimalistic branding - the brand logo and the name of the capsule are placed in the inner parts of the clothes in the form of ecological prints or patches. Outside only the cut, shape  and natural fabrics matters. Anteprima precedes the CELEBRITY collection in which we find silhouettes that treat the concept of trousers, shirts and jackets with great ease.Models of the evo capsule are available in the CELEBRITY online boutique, in the next stage, it will appear in the brand's stationary boutiques. 




Details make the difference.

CELEBRITY is the synonim of high quality products. Uncompromising at every stage of production. High technology & respect for traditional handicrafts.

All our pieces are made in family manufactures in Poland&Italy, with great respect to our enviroment.


Proud to be born in Poland&made in Italy. 

Polish designs are produced in Italian tradicional manufactures, with love and care for every detail.